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Marketing partners of disrupting companies.

Holistic B2B marketing + management agency. Organic growth propeller behind innovative SaaS & Fintech startup and enterprise companies.


We turn data into growth.

Partnering with progressive businesses, we apply deep research, data-led strategies, and systematized workflows to orchestrate transformative product-led growth.

Ovde ide neki testimonijal koji objasnjava kako smo postigli nesto vezano za service koje nudimo. Omni helped us rank fast really fast yes. Omni helped us rank fast really fast yes.

Omar 123

Content | SEO | UX | Web

Content marketing clusters that convert ━ & retain users.

Crafting product-led content for each cluster in your industry helps us explain to your ICPs how your product helps them solve their problems. All that, without being salesy.

B2B doesn’t stand for boring to boring. We create content while ensuring it’s super-valuable to target audiences, dynamically structured, and technically optimized. The best thing ━ we keep everything under one roof: Content writing + design + optimization.

People search for a solution your product offers on Google.
Every single day. Make it easy for them to discover just you.

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SEO that brings healthy organic growth. Not vanity metrics.

Strong ranking positions don’t come without systematized technical optimizations. We don’t limit our approach to the content but to all components influencing your SEO growth. Bringing frictionless growth through the quadrillion of Google updates.

We help you craft an SEO strategy that connects your content with your business objectives and organically drives qualified leads into your sales funnel.

Traditional SEO with keyword stuffing and black hat SEO isn’t performing anymore.  Implementing our SEO frameworks will ensure your website grows organically, leading to an increased number of qualified user acquisitions.

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Building business-first UI/UX experiences that perform.

We provide you with all the resources needed to establish an intuitive and easy-to-use app adapted specifically to your audience.

By combining innovative & data-driven strategies, we make it easy for you to develop the app that users actually love spending time within.

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Developing websites, that develop businesses.

Creating a website isn’t hard. But creating a website that brings value and converts the audience into paying customers can be challenging.

Using proven strategies, we help you create a funnel-based lead generation machine that explains your USPs and easily navigates your ideal prospects through your sales process.

Explore how we build websites

Unexplored opportunities are waiting on the Google's Page 1.

SaaS, Fintech, E-commerce - these are the target keywords. Predictable MoM growth - this is the outcome. Learn how to turn SEO opportunities into your financial goals - accomplished.

Agency. Aggregator.

If you’re looking for a classical marketing contractor agency – look further. Omnius is a growth aggregating outsourcing partner of tech companies, holistically focused on stuff that matters – concrete results.

Data-led process.

At Omnius, we help you craft a research-based SEO strategy that connects your content with your business objectives and organically drives qualified leads into your sales funnel. We believe in data, not hunches.

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Team integration & education.

Our team is fully integrated into your channels & treating the product as its’ own. We will adopt your product internally, know all its hidden gems, add constructive suggestions, and work with you on achieving your long-term goals.

Unbounded culture.

We don’t practice any contract minimums or tense clauses. If we feel we’re a fit in terms of the project idea and team culture, we’re starting small & growing big together.

Communication-first approach.

We take responsiveness & transparency very seriously. Never be out of the loop with fast communication between the whole team and comprehensive reports sent on a weekly & monthly basis.

Ovde ide testimonijal koji objasnjava kako smo kul i izlazimo u susret itd. Omni helped us rank fast really fast yes. Omni helped us rank fast really fast yes.

Omar 123

Our premium partnerships and years of experience across the most effective growth tools will take your growth to the next level and scale your business.

We empower growth through systematized workflows, repeatedly.

Our systemized product-led workflows and years of experience with the most successful SaaS businesses will take your growth to the next level while focusing on concrete results.

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Say yes to

Traffic that converts. High-ranking results. Lower CAC. User retention. Zero micro-management. Productive workflow. Omni-channel growth.

Take out of the equation

Traffic that doesn’t convert. Vanity metrics. Not optimized funnels. Zero trial-to-paid. High churn rate. New hiring costs. Ineffective marketing activities.

Let's make great stuff together.

We seek holistic relationships to help our clients unlock healthy growth at efficient economics. Tell us where you are and where you want to be. We'll help you get there.

Global diverse team.

We’re a diverse group of marketers, wordsmiths, designers, strategists, and developers and who create things people love to interact with.

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25 team members | 08 markets presence | 5M+ direct work contribution | 00 black-hat techniques